Thomas Tuchel: get furious at Lukaku over ‘unhelpful’ comments

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Thomas Tuchel has said, he is unhappy with Lukaku’s comment after the Belgian expressed his irritation with his situation in the club. Pointing out the “Its just not helpful”.

The Chelsea centre forward has give an interview to sky in Italy, in which he said that “he was not happy with the situation” in Chelsea and talked about Tuchel’s decision to play a different formation.

The iinterview was documented earlier this month but was published on Thursday-just days before Chelsea face Liverpool, live on sky’s ports in a huge showdown between the two teams fighting to keep a pace with League leader Manchester City.

What the Chelsea boss said

When questions was asked concerning Lukaku’s interview, the Chelsea boss said, ” I don’t like it because it brings notice that we don’t need, it’s just not helpful”.

“On the other side we don’t want to make more out of it than it actually is, you know very well how it is- it’s very easy to take lines out of context, it’s very easy to shorten lines and make headlines, then later realize that it’s not so bad or maybe it’s not what he meant”.

“But let’s be honest that we don’t like it”.

Tuchel also said that Lukaku did not speak to him about his feelings before the interview went live, and that he was shocked by the player’s apparent unhappiness.

“I don’t feel him unhappy, I feel him the exact opposite, that’s why it’s a surprise”, Tuchel said.

“But am the wrong person to ask”.

Lukaku’s interview were published after a period which he scored three goals in four match for the Blues, and it appeared that he was re-establishing himself following his previous injury sideline.

“It’s a lot of extra noise, but we are not here to read the headlines, we here can take the time to try to understand what is going on because it does not reflect the daily work, the daily attributes, the daily behavior Lukaku shows here at Cobham”.

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