Chelsea receives new Thiago Silva update

thiago silva
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The Brazil Football Association has decided they will not pursue the suspension of their players ahead of the club fixtures this weekend for failing to turn up for the national team.

Many Premier League teams failed to release their players for the Brazil national team in their World Cup qualifiers. The players affected are Leeds United Raphinha, Chelsea Thiago Silva, Manchester United Fred, Manchester City Ederson, and Gabriel Jesus.

Liverpool is the worst affected with three of their stars Roberto Firmino, Allison Becker, and Fabinho also suspended. Eight players were affected due to this ban

With these players failing to turn up for Brazil in their matches against Argentina and Peru, Brazil’s FA decided to trigger a FIFA ruling that allows a country’s Football Association to block teams from selecting players that refuse to turn up for international duties.

Thiago Silva was one of the players who was affected due to the ban. He is now eligible to play in the Chelsea encounter with Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Richarlison is the only Brazilian international who was exempted from this list due to the good relationship between Brazil FA and Everton. He has also previously been allowed by Everton to play for Brazil at the Olympics.

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